Take the Takumi Cat Challenge with Lexus Canada

Lexus Takumi Cat Challenge | Toronto, ON
Screenshot from the Lexus Canada Takumi Video

Photo Screenshot from the Learn Origami with the Lexus Takumi Cats! article on the Lexus Canada Newsroom

At first glance, it might not seem like origami and luxury vehicles have a lot in common. Look closer at Lexus design, though, and the similarities become clear. 

As part of the luxury brand’s plan to help keep people entertained as they stay at home, Lexus Takumi Masters — the artisans behind the brand’s attention to detail — have put together the Lexus Takumi Cat Challenge.

You can complete this challenge at the Lexus Canada website. To do so, you’ll need to fold your own origami cat just like the Lexus Takumi Masters do. While this might seem easy enough to do if you can take your time, these masters have to fold the model in under 90 seconds — and with their non-dominant hand. They also aren’t allowed to fold on a flat surface, instead folding the paper in the air.

“We call them Takumi Cats, because they’re used to test the dexterity of our Lexus Takumi Masters — the artisans who are trusted with the most critical processes when we build a Lexus vehicle,” said Melanie Testani, the Brand Manager for Lexus Canada. “We thought Canadians looking to learn a new skill while at home might enjoy testing their dexterity in the same way as our most accomplished craftspeople.”

If you’re planning on taking this challenge, Lexus Downtown wishes you good luck — and we will try and master the Takumi Cat with you!