Top Autumn Car Care Tips | Toronto, ON

Fall | Toronto, ON

As the season changes from summer to autumn, it’s important to keep track of your vehicle’s many components to ensure they last a long time. Take a moment to inspect your car for the following issues and if you notice anything out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to bring it to Lexus Downtown.


Before getting into your Lexus, do a walk-around to check its exterior parts. See if all of the lights are working, including the headlights, high beams, and brake lights. Check the windshield wipers for any cracks, tears, or rust. Finally, inspect the tires for any issues and see if the tread is at a reasonable level. If it’s not, your car could have a hard time gripping the roads when they get slick.


You don’t want to get inside of a cold car just for the air vents to blow cool air at you. Even though we haven’t encountered winter weather just yet, it’s still good practice to check to ensure that the heat does, in fact, work. If not, you’ll need to bring your vehicle to our service department for repair.

Under the hood

Open the hood of your vehicle and do a quick visual scan to check for anything unusual like hoses or belts out of place. If you think something looks odd, contact our service team for advice. You’ll also want to check the levels of all fluids, including oil, power steering, transmission, brake, and wiper fluid.

For all of your autumn car care needs, contact our team at Lexus Downtown in Toronto, Ontario.


Treat Your Luxury SUV to Genuine Lexus Accessories in 2021

Lexus Accessories | Toronto, ON

Every Lexus luxury SUV is amazing straight from the factory, but you can make yours even better with genuine Lexus accessories. Read on to learn about some of the extra features you could add to your ride for the new year.

Lexus Start+ Remote Engine Starter

Make your morning commute easier during Toronto winters with a long-range remote engine starter. This starter allows you to turn on your Lexus SUV from as far as 800 metres away. It will allow your vehicle to clear frost off windows and will let you know when your car battery might be running low.

Lexus Universal Tablet Holder

When your family is on the go, you don’t have to worry about one of your children dropping their tablet and not being able to reach it if you have the Lexus Universal Tablet Holder. Compatible with virtually all multimedia devices — and equipped with adjustable pivot/tilt — this holder will give your rear passengers a clear view of their favourite television shows and movies.

Cargo Liner

Whether it’s a carton of broken eggs from your grocery run or a muddy dog, your cargo area can take a beating. Protect your cargo area carpet with a Lexus cargo liner. Made of Thermo Plastic Rubber, it’s easy to clean, light, and flexible. 

Get in touch with our Service and Parts departments here at Lexus Downtown to elevate your luxury SUV with any of these helpful Lexus accessories.

Is Your Car Sitting Idle? Here’s How to Care for It

Car Sitting Idle | Toronto, ON

Is your car sitting idle? Leaving a vehicle parked for long periods of time can affect its condition and reliability in many ways. To make sure your vehicle stays in good shape even if it’s not being used, consider these tips.

Check your tires. When a vehicle sits on its tires too long, this can cause flat spotting, where the weight of the vehicle flattens out a portion of the tire’s rubber due to inactivity. Regularly check your tire pressure and keep it filled to the manufacturer’s recommended specification. You may also want to move your vehicle occasionally.

Protect your paint. If your vehicle is parked outside, rather than in a garage, you might notice that it has started to accumulate bird droppings, tree sap, water spots, and more. This exposure to the elements can damage your vehicle’s paint over time, so consider getting a waterproof car cover if you don’t have a garage.

Consider your battery. Over a long idle period, your battery can discharge and leave you with a car that needs to be jumpstarted. Keep your battery working well and plug your vehicle into a battery tender or consider disconnecting the battery.  

Regularly start it. Keep your engine in working order and start your car regularly. You should also consider taking it on a short drive around the block or to the grocery store if you’re able to do so.

For more tips or assistance with caring for your car as it sits idle, you’re invited to get in touch with our service department here at Lexus Downtown.

Try These Spring Car Cleaning Tips

Spring Car Cleaning | Toronto, ON

New seasons are a time for fresh starts, which is why so many people spring-clean their houses. Why not do the same for your vehicle? These spring car cleaning tips will have your ride looking and smelling like new.

Wash the exterior. From road salt coatings to icy windshields, winter can cause lasting damage to your car’s exterior if grime is left in place too long. That’s why it’s important to give your car a thorough scrubbing when the weather warms up. Clean your car’s undercarriage thoroughly and make sure you wash your tires with tire-cleaning spray. Finally, dry your car off with a microfiber cloth to keep it streak-free.

Clean out your car’s cabin. Litter can really accumulate inside your car when the weather’s cold. Now that it’s warmer out, get rid of any trash that has piled up in the cabin. While you’re at it, give the interior a vacuum as well.  

Remember your floor mats. Whether it’s leftover road salt or dried mud from weekend adventures, your car’s floor mats have seen a lot of dirt this winter. Give them some extra attention by removing them and cleaning them. If your mats are carpeted, use a carpet cleaner to get them looking like new. If you have rubber mats, wipe them with warm, soapy water and hose them off.

With these cleaning tips, you and your ride will be off to a great start for spring. You’ll also want to get caught up on maintenance — and the service department here at Lexus Downtown is here to help!

Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Get Your Car Ready for Winter | Toronto, ON

Winter in Toronto can really do a number on your vehicle. From deflated tires to dead batteries, you want to be sure to follow these tips to get your car ready for winter.

Put on the winter tires. Ice, snow, and rain are expected throughout the winter months, so you want to be sure your vehicle’s tires can handle the weather. Stop by and see us at Lexus Downtown to get your winter tires so you can get better traction on rough roads.

Be prepared. Whether the snow has buried your front bumper or you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, you need to be prepared. Pack emergency tools that will help when the temperatures drop, including a flashlight, shovel, jumper cables, ice scraper, a bag of sand, flares, and an extra set of warm clothing.

Check the battery. When the temperatures drop, so does the car battery’s ability to charge. If you’ve been waiting to get a new battery, do that now so you don’t find yourself stranded with a car that won’t start.

Fill up the fluids. Top off the fluids your car needs to help make winter easier, including windshield wiper fluid and anti-freeze. This will help your car stay in working order, no matter how cold it gets.

If you’re not sure how to best prepare your car for the chill of winter, feel free to give us a call or stop by and see us at Lexus Downtown.

Sail Through Summer with These Car Care Tips

Summer Car Care Tips | Toronto, ON

Summer is finally here, which means you should start thinking about how to help your car thrive in hotter temperatures. Here are some summer car care tips to keep your car running smoothly.

Complete your car’s routine maintenance. Hotter temperatures mean your car is more likely to overheat, especially if you’re driving long distances this summer. That’s why you should visit Lexus Downtown’s service department and get your car’s oil changed so it’s fresh and clean. Also, make sure your coolant system is in working order so that it’s in peak condition to keep your engine cool.

Watch your tires. When the temperature outside changes, so can your car’s tire pressure. Make sure your tires remain in the recommended tire pressure range. That will keep your car riding smoothly and reduce the risk of an accident.

Replace your windshield wipers. Summer storms are on their way, which is why it’s important to make sure that your windshield wipers are in top condition. They should be replaced every six months to a year, so if you haven’t done so in a while, now would be a good time. You should also replace your wipers if they’re streaking the windshield or if there are cracks in the rubber.

Care for Your Car This Spring Using These Tips

Spring Car Care | Toronto, ON

Spring is finally here, which means you can say goodbye to the harsh Canadian winter temperatures for another year. It also means you should prepare your vehicle for warmer weather. Here are a few spring car care tips to keep your Lexus running smoothly and looking sharp.


Bring your car in for a cleaning. Spring is the perfect time for giving your house a deep clean, so why not make sure your car receives one as well? Bring your vehicle into a detailer for a truly deep clean, both inside and out. Winter weather can wear down your Lexus’ exterior, particularly its undercarriage, so cleaning away all the excess grime from the winter is important. Also, get rid of all the clutter that might have accumulated inside your Lexus — not to mention the grit you likely tracked in on your shoes.


Make sure your car gets a routine checkup. Every several thousand kilometres, your Lexus should undergo routine maintenance. This includes getting your oil changed and tires rotated. Spring is the perfect time to get these services here at Lexus Downtown. You should also ask your mechanic to check your tires’ pressure and tread depth. These are two tire features that tend to be affected during winter weather. While you’re here, have the mechanic change out your windshield wipers to prepare your Lexus for any spring showers that might come your way.


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