Driving New Year’s Resolutions to Kick Off the New Year

Driving New Year’s Resolutions | Toronto, ON

If you’re trying to come up with a good way to start 2020, consider these driving New Year’s resolutions — they’ll help you improve your road habits, enjoy a longer-lasting car, and experience a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Become a more efficient driver. Whether you’re looking to reduce the amount of money you’re spending on gas or want to help out the environment, good driving habits will help you do just that. Don’t idle if you can prevent it, make sure you avoid too-quick accelerations, and avoid rush hour traffic if possible.

Don’t forget your car’s routine maintenance. Life can get busy sometimes, which is why many of us find ourselves forgetting to make routine maintenance appointments. In 2020, make sure to keep up with vehicle service by scheduling regular checkups here at Lexus Downtown. 

Go places you’ve always wanted to go. Is there a destination you’ve always wanted to road trip to, but have been putting it off? In the new year, make a resolution to go to this place. Then, map out your route and hop into your Lexus for an adventure.

Commit to a few of these driving resolutions for 2020—and make your behind-the-wheel life better than ever. Visit Lexus Downtown in Toronto, ON to start the new year off in a new Lexus.

Back-to-School Safe Driving Tips: How to Keep Safe This Fall

Back To School Safe Driving TIps | Toronto, ON

A new school year is on the horizon, which means it’s time to stock up on folders and notebooks, and get the kids some new backpacks. It’s also important that you review some back-to-school safe driving tips to ensure you’re staying safe out on the road.

Drive the speed limit

School zones have specific speed limits, typically lower than the normal limit. This limit is there to ensure you are driving slowly enough that you will have enough time to react should a child dart out into the street in front of you. That’s why it’s important that you drive at or below the posted school-zone speed limit.

Watch for school buses

School busses are likely a fixture during your morning commute, which is why it’s important to know how to react, should a school bus come to a stop. If you see the bus’s stop sign come out and its lights flash red, you need to make sure you stop and stay stopped until the bus moves forward. Even then, proceed cautiously in case there are children walking slowly near the road.

Listen to the crossing guard

Crossing guards work to help keep children safe as they cross the road. If there is a crossing guard at a set of traffic lights, make sure you pay attention to the guard, not the lights.

Here at Lexus Downtown, we want to ensure our community is staying safe at all times, but especially when school is back in session. Follow these tips to help create a secure environment for all.